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The Mission Of The Division Of Juvenile Justice And Youth Services Is To Be A Leader In The Field Of Juvenile Justice By Changing Young Lives, Supporting Families And Keeping Communities Safe.

We Provide A Continuum Of Intervention, Supervision, And Rehabilitation Programs To Youth Offenders While Assuring Public Safety.

Our Goals Are To:

Goal 1

Improve short-term and long-term outcomes for our youths

Goal 2

Support families in the rehabilitation process

Goal 3

Improve the safety, security and well-being of JJYS youths and employees

Division Philosophy - The Balanced Approach

The Balanced & Restorative Justice Model is a philosophy of correctional care that emphasizes three equally important principles:

  1. Accountability

    When a crime occurs, a debt is incurred. Youth must be held accountable for their actions and to restore the victim’s losses. JJYS will be held accountable for the efficacy of services provided to youth.

  2. Competency development

    Offenders should leave the system more capable of productive participation in conventional society than when they entered.

  3. Community protection

    The public has a right to a safe and secure community. Youth also have the right to be safe while in the custody of the Division of Juvenile Justice and Youth Services.

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