Secure Care Facilities

Secure Care Facilities

Youths are ordered to a Secure Care facility by a Utah Juvenile Court Judge. Upon commitment, the Youth Parole Authority assumes responsibility. Once committed, youths are assessed to determine their rehabilitative needs and areas of focus to reduce their risk of reoffending. The length of stay in the facility and parole dates are decided by the Youth Parole Authority.

Each case is reviewed on a regularly scheduled basis. Youths placed in Secure Care are rated daily as to individual progress on treatment goals and their behavior in the facility. To help promote success, youths are provided with mental health, educational, recreational and medical services. They also have the ability to participate in other classes and programs to enhance their individual talents, to become more employable and to improve their independent living skills.

The program helps youths to:

  • Identify available community resources, and how to access them, to support the youth’s educational, vocational, medical and treatment needs
  • Identify ways to reduce their criminogenic risks and increase their positive peer interaction
  • Practice independent living skills so the youth can successfully maintain housing, employment and successful relationships

Secure Care Facilities

Long-Term Secure Care provides temporary housing, reentry support services, and skills development for returning to the community.

Evidence Based Curricula Include:

Carey Guides, Seeking Safety, ADAPT, Case Planning Tool, Protective Risk Assessment, What Works Principles, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.
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Programming Offered:

  • Skills Based Groups: Transition Support Services Workbook, resume writing/interviewing, job applications, finances, electrical, car repair, meal preparation, food purchasing, yard care and application for housing.
  • Vocational Training and Certifications: on-site employment skills in screen printing, carpentry, computer tech and other work related areas to include: Microsoft, Serve Safe, Food Handlers, OSHA, Fire Extinguisher, Flagger, Bicycle Collective, and certification for completion of any of the Evidence Based-Curricula noted above.
  • Education: is provided on-site through the local school districts.
  • Restitution/Work: Secure care residents will receive support from staff to pay restitution and complete community service hours to repay the victims of their crimes.
  • Clinical Support: Licensed Clinical Therapists provide Secure care residents with evidence-based therapy in substance use disorder for acute and ongoing therapeutic needs as indicated by assessment or as defined by the Utah Juvenile Court and/or Youth Parole Authority.
  • Family Involvement: Secure Care encourages parents and families to play an active role in treatment through Child & Family Team Meetings, weekly updates and visitation. A 14-week program, Strengthening Families, will be offered at each facility. This will allow youths and their families to eat a meal together and participate in groups. The classes address areas such as: communication and family meetings; rules, rewards and responsibilities; limits and consequences; problem solving and win-win negotiation; stress and anger management; drugs and alcohol; choosing good friends; and values and traditions.

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