In-Home Observation and Assessment

In-Home Observation and Assessment

In-home Observation and Assessment (O&A) provides evaluation, crisis intervention, treatment planning, and recommendations for adjudicated youth pending disposition. Youths receive comprehensive mental, behavioral, social, and educational assessments to identify their needs for services. Psychological and psychiatric/medication evaluations are completed when indicated. Youths ordered to the program are assigned a senior counselor/clinician who gathers the necessary information for the court report.

Regular and frequent visits occur at the youth’s home, and staff work with the school to provide support to the school during the assessment period. Assessment results from the “basis for recommendations” made to the Juvenile Court. Youths requiring additional structure and supervision can be ordered to participate concurrently in Brief Community Intervention.

In-Home O&A

In-home O&A youth are committed to In-home O&A by Juvenile Court Judges for a 30-day evaluation.

Evidence Based Curricula Include:

Strengthening Families, ADAPT, and Carey Guides

Target Population

Moderate to high-risk youth, ages 12-18 years old; DCFS youth with delinquency; youths where treatment areas are not known to the worker; youths who are not a significant risk to the community; adjudicated youths pending disposition.

Length of Stay

Length of stay in this program is 30 days.

Exclusionary Criteria

  • Youth successfully completes the program by remaining at home and completing all required assessments
  • Hearing results align with JJYS recommendations
  • Services identified and referrals initiated
  • No new charges during program
  • No new charges or custody disposition 90-days upon program exit