Youth Parole Authority

The Youth Parole Authority (YPA) provides a formal hearing procedure that defines a youth’s obligations during secure care and parole. Hearings are held at each of the six secure care facilities managed by JJYS within 45 days of commitment, an initial hearing is held to establish a length of stay guideline for the youth and set requirements for confinement. The length of stay is based on the youth’s delinquency history and the type of offense leading up to commitment. Every three to six months thereafter, progress hearings are held to determine whether standards for confinement are being met.

Youth Parole Authority

The YPA currently consists of four JJYS staff and ten YPA members appointed by the Governor. JJYS staff are responsible for all day to day operations and functions of the YPA.

Target Population:

Youth ages 12-21 who have been committed to secure care by the Utah Juvenile Court.

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Desired Outcome:

To provide a fair hearing process to all youths committed to secure care. YPA members will consider all factors and make decisions which are consistent with policy, while keeping in mind public safety.